About Eastport

Named one of ten “Outstanding Neighborhoods in the State of Maryland” in 1995 by the Maryland Commission on Neighborhoods, Eastport is the earthier, more diverse side of Annapolis, Maryland’s state capital.

aboutpicDSC_0057Eastport is the place where you find the majority of marinas, yacht designers, yacht brokers, boat builders, sail makers, marine surveyors, chandleries and crabbers.

A visually eclectic area where million dollar waterfront residences bump up against boat yards and boat yard workers rub elbows with bankers and dot.com workers. It’s Eastport’s cohesiveness, built upon its very diversity, that makes it truly unique.

No matter who they are, what they do, Eastporters – residents and business people alike – have a tradition of joining hands and working together for the benefit of this treasured community.

eastportsignEastport was settled in 1665 and remained farmland until the 1800s. The establishment of the United States Naval Academy in 1845 provided the catalyst for change. Eager to develop this area to house workers at the Academy, a building association constructed the first bridge over Spa Creek to Eastport. The peninsula has grown steadily since, and eventually was annexed by Annapolis in 1951.

It is an area rich in history, much of it preserved in the tiny Barge House, which is now growing into the Annapolis Maritime Museum. It is an area rich in tradition, much of it preserved in the day-to-day lives of its residents.


a view of Eastport early in its history